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Do you want to show off your properties in the best way possible as a real estate agent? Want to make beautiful, eye-catching real estate photos without spending a lot of time or money? There may be software for virtual staging that would work well in this case.

This guide is very long, but it will look at the top 10 virtual staging software choices for 2024. We will talk about the benefits of virtual staging, important things to look for, and how to choose the best tools for your needs. When you're done reading this piece, you'll know everything you need to know to make your listings better and make more sales.

How does virtual staging work?

The technique of digitally enhancing photographs of vacant or poorly furnished buildings with furniture, décor, and other design features is known as virtual staging. Real estate brokers may now highlight a property's potential without having to spend time, money, or effort physically staging the area thanks to technology.

Using virtual staging enables you to:

  • Emphasize a property's finest attributes.
  • Assist purchasers in visualizing themselves occupying the area
  • Establish a cozy, welcoming environment
  • Display a variety of design motifs to appeal to a range of consumers.
  • Spend less money and effort than with traditional staging


Virtual Staging's Advantages

Economical: Compared to traditional staging, which can cost thousands of dollars per house, virtual staging is much more affordable.

Time-saving: Rather than waiting weeks to have beautifully staged images, you can have them ready in a matter of hours or days with virtual staging.

Flexibility: Without having to move furniture around physically, virtual staging lets you test out various design motifs and arrangements.

Convenience: Without requiring in-person installations or consultations, properties can be staged remotely.

Enhanced appeal: Compared to unstaged residences, staged properties typically sell quicker and for a higher price.

2024's Top 10 Virtual Staging Software

PhotoUp: PhotoUp provides excellent virtual staging services at a reasonable cost with a fast response time. Within 24 to 48 hours, their team of skilled designers can alter your pictures.

Solutions for Virtual Staging: Virtual Staging Solutions provides a broad selection of staging styles to fit any property. They are renowned for their realistic designs and attention to detail.

Stuccco: You can quickly upload photos, choose your preferred design style, and get staged images in as little as 24 hours thanks to Stuccco's user-friendly platform.

roOomy: You can stage images straight from your tablet or smartphone using roOomy's virtual staging tool. Additionally, their platform incorporates floor layouts and 3D tours.

BoxBrownie: BoxBrownie provides a range of digital marketing solutions for real estate, such as 360° virtual tours, virtual staging, and image improvement.

Hasten: One of the fastest virtual staging platforms available, Hasten's AI-powered technology produces produced photographs in a matter of seconds.

VRX Staging: This virtual staging company provides a variety of services, such as virtual gardening, decluttering, and furniture replacement.

PadStyler: With an emphasis on price and use, PadStyler's virtual staging software is created especially for real estate brokers.

VisualStager: Using their collection of 3D furniture and décor, VisualStager provides a DIY virtual staging platform that lets you arrange images yourself.

How to Select the Best Software for Virtual Staging

Take into account the following aspects when selecting virtual staging software:

Quality: Seek out software that generates crisp, lifelike pictures that faithfully capture the property.

Turnaround time: Select a platform with quick turnaround times if you need staged images right away.

Pricing: Examine several price points to identify a solution that is within your means. While some platforms provide subscription-based pricing, others charge for each image.

selections for design: Take into account the variety of available furniture selections and design styles. Choose a platform whose styles correspond with the tastes of your target market.

Usability: Pick software with an intuitive user interface that facilitates the uploading of photos, the selection of designs, and the download of staged images.

Some Advice for Using Virtual Staging Well

Start with images of a high caliber: Virtual staging software has certain limitations. Start with well-lit, high-quality images of your listings to achieve the greatest results.

Select the appropriate design aesthetic: When choosing a design style, take into account your target demographic as well as the property's style. Staging a modern loft will be different from staging a classic family home.

Avoid going overboard: Although virtual staging is a useful tool, it's crucial to avoid misleading prospective buyers. Steer clear of adding amenities like built-in bookcases or fireplaces that aren't present in the real property.

Incorporate virtual staging with additional marketing resources: Spotting virtually is only one aspect of the picture. To develop a thorough listing package, combine it with engaging property descriptions, virtual tours, and social media promotion.

In summary

For real estate professionals trying to present their listings in the best possible light, virtual staging is revolutionary. You may produce gorgeous, eye-catching property images with virtual staging software, which will enable purchasers to picture themselves living there.

Think at things like quality, turnaround time, cost, design options, and usability while selecting virtual staging software. Through the strategic use of virtual staging and the appropriate platform selection, you may revolutionize your listings and increase sales far into 2024 and beyond.

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