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We can all be a little lazy sometimes but you can do some easy home renovations that takes less effort than opening a jar of jam! Check out our guide on how any lazy person can do a fashionable home makeover!

Photo by Sander Sammy on Unsplash

The Lazy Person's Guide to a Home Makeover

When it comes to the hustle of real estate, standing out is key, whether you're aiming to sell or just want to enjoy your space more. A home makeover can work wonders, and it doesn't have to be a chore. This guide will walk you through a simplified makeover process designed for those who prefer a laid-back approach but still want impactful results.

Planning Your Makeover with Minimal Effort

Setting Realistic Goals

First things first, let's look at what needs a refresh. Walk through your space and note what's outdated or worn. Keep your cash in mind and list what will make the biggest difference without breaking the bank. This could mean focusing on high-traffic areas like the living room or prioritizing paint over pricier options.

Leveraging Technology

Take advantage of tech. There are great apps that let you play with room designs without lifting a finger, except to swipe. And for supplies, skip the store and buy online. It's all about efficiency and less about exertion here.

Hiring the Right Help

Finding trustworthy pros in the real estate field can be tough, but it's essential. A good contractor can take a load off your shoulders. And don't underestimate an interior designer's worth — they can spot potential you might miss and make the most of your space. And now there's so much advanced technology out there that seeing a visual example of your makeover plans with the power of virtual staging. There are many ways to stage your rooms virtually, but the quickest, easiest, and sometimes the most free way would be to use an AI generated virtual stager. However, for a way higher quality virtual stage along with professional designers working on your projects and quality assurance teams that are available for most times of the day, you might wanna check out our services and see what we have to offer for you ;)

Quick and Impactful Makeover Tips

Decluttering and Organizing

Start by tossing out anything you haven't used in ages. If a task takes less than a minute, do it right away. And in small apartments, clever storage is your best friend. Think vertical and hidden compartments.

Cosmetic Enhancements

Never underestimate paint. A fresh coat can totally transform a room. And consider new light fixtures — they can change the mood of a space instantly. Plus, in any city that never sleeps, good lighting is everything.

Smart Home Additions

With the wave of tech-savvy buyers, adding simple smart home features can be a wise choice. From smart thermostats to lights you can control with your phone, these gadgets are a bonus for homes.

Budgeting for Your Home Makeover

Cost-Saving Strategies

DIY where you can. Certain projects give you more for less, like painting or simple fixture replacements. And keep an eye out for sales — New York has plenty, especially around holidays.

The Investment Mindset

Understand the balance between your home’s value and the cost of sprucing it up. While splurging sometimes makes sense, often, you can save and still achieve a luxurious look.

Finalizing Your Home Makeover

The Finishing Touches

Art and decor give your place personality. Choose pieces that speak to you. And before showing your home, a deep clean can make everything sparkle and feel new.

The Lazy Person’s Maintenance Plan

Opt for low-maintenance solutions. Think durable materials and finishes that need less frequent cleaning. And set up a simple routine to keep your home looking its best with little effort.


We’ve covered how to give your home a makeover without overexerting yourself. Remember, small changes can have a big impact on your home's appeal, and with a little planning, you can make a significant difference.


Do you have a bigger project than just a regular makeover? Or do you want to realistically see how your next renovations might look without actually moving anything yet? Click here to learn more about our virtual staging services.


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