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This Article Visits the Top Construction TV Shows

Construction TV shows have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, combining the thrill of transformation with the practicalities of home improvement and real estate. These programs offer a mix of education, inspiration, and entertainment, making them popular among viewers of all ages. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a professional builder, or someone who simply enjoys watching transformations unfold, here’s a list of the top construction TV series that you should check out hand picked by our Bella editors:


fixer upper

Fixer Upper

Overview: Hosted by Chip and Joanna Gaines, "Fixer Upper" has become synonymous with cozy, stylish home transformations. Based in Waco, Texas, the show focuses on renovating dilapidated homes into dream spaces, all while showcasing the couple’s strong dynamics and design expertise.

Why Watch: The Gaines’ blend of warm interpersonal relationships and savvy design choices makes "Fixer Upper" a standout. The show is especially appealing for its practical design tips and the hosts' focus on creating family-friendly spaces on a budget.

grand designs

Grand Designs

Overview: Hosted by Kevin McCloud, this British series takes viewers deep into the architectural process, following individuals and families as they build their ambitious dream homes from scratch. Each episode is a standalone story, often stretching over years, that chronicles the challenges and successes of building extraordinary houses.

Why Watch: "Grand Designs" is notable for its architectural innovation and the personal passion projects of the homeowners. It’s a deep dive into the highs and lows of constructing a custom home and is as much about human perseverance as it is about architectural ambition.


this old house

This Old House

Overview: A staple of home improvement television, "This Old House" provides practical, step-by-step renovations that viewers can learn from and apply. The show features skilled craftsmen and professionals offering detailed insights into the building processes.

Why Watch: For those interested in the nuts and bolts of home renovation, "This Old House" serves as an educational tool, offering a more technical approach to construction work. It’s great for viewers who appreciate a more hands-on, how-to style of presentation.


property brothers

Property Brothers

Overview: Featuring twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, "Property Brothers" helps potential homeowners turn their real estate desires into reality. Each episode involves the brothers helping clients find and renovate "fixer-upper" homes with a combination of real estate savvy and custom remodeling.

Why Watch: The blend of real estate advice and custom renovation tips is a unique feature of the show. The brothers' charismatic interaction and smart renovation choices provide both entertainment and practical insights.


holme on homes

Holmes on Homes

Overview: Mike Holmes, a seasoned contractor, rescues homeowners from renovations gone wrong. Each episode focuses on correcting subpar workmanship in the building industry while educating viewers on what quality work should look like.

Why Watch: Mike Holmes’ expertise and his commitment to quality and integrity in construction work make this show a must-watch. It is particularly beneficial for viewers looking to understand what goes into correcting and avoiding construction mishaps.


Construction TV shows offer more than just entertainment. These construction tv series provide valuable insights into design, architecture, and building processes that can inspire viewers to undertake their own home improvement projects or simply appreciate the complexities of creating beautiful, functional spaces. Whether you prefer the emotional highs of "Fixer Upper," the architectural deep dives of "Grand Designs," or the educational focus of "This Old House," there’s something in the genre for everyone. These shows not only reflect the latest trends in construction and design but also celebrate the transformative power of good design and skilled craftsmanship.

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