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Farmhouse Modern Home Staging

Modern Farm House Furniture Removal and Virtual Staging Project

Our luxury real estate client in California came to us with a daunting task - digitally remove all the furniture and replace it with a modern farmhouse style that will update the look of the home to appeal to more potential buyers. 

Our client specifically asked to "replace all furniture and replace it with an elevating modern farmhouse furniture"

Mission accepted by the Bella Virtual Staging Team - We are going to transform this outdated California home into modern farmhouse style.

Before - Dining Room

Before - Dining Room

Before - Bedroom

Before - Bedroom

Before - Livingroom

Before - Living Room

What Defines Modern Farmhouse?

Modern Farmhouse style combines modern, rustic, vintage, and country elements to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. It often uses natural materials like wood and stone, often neutral colors, and practical, simple furnishings that are both beautiful and functional. The style emphasizes a connection to rural or country living, with decorative elements such as barn doors, shiplap walls, and antique or distressed furniture. Our designers at Bella were excited for this furniture remove and virtual staging project.

The Process

Find the Right Style

Finding the right furnitures and accessories we need to consider the demographic we are marketing to and also the characteristics of the property.  The original furniture is busy, dark and outdated.

Our designers first found some inspiration we wanted to go with. Our team created a look book and gathered some photos for inspiration:

farmhouse style

Farmhouse Inspiration added to our Mood board for this project

We wanted the space to be simplified, brighter and modernized.

Furniture Removal

Now we had the gruelling task of digitally removing the furniture, we use photoshop to remove any unwanted items while carefully keeping the fixtures.

Virtual Staging

After we removing all unwanted items from the photos, we began the process of filling the photos with furniture and accessories our designers chose for this project. Using 3d max and other virtual staging software we came out with these results:

Farmhouse Modern Dining Room


Farmhouse Modern Living Room


Farmhouse Modern Bedroom

Final Thoughts on Farmhouse Virtual Staging

Overall our team was happy with the Modern Farmhouse conversion we did.  The photos were originally a little dark so it was difficult to brighten up the space too much. Making the wall less busy and simplifying the space with Farmhouse definitely gave the space a wholesome and cozy look and feel.

If you are interested to see what your space can look like, try our Furniture Removal and Virtual Staging Service.

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