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Creating the perfect office space for a unit in the Arthur Erickson Place building in West Vancouver, BC.

 Virtual Staging the Perfect Mid Century Modern Office

Among the various styles available for virtual staging, mid-century modern decor has gained popularity for its clean lines, organic curves, and functional elegance. Our client with a unit in the Arthur Erickson Place building tasked the team at Bella to help them create the perfect office for their unit.

What is Mid-Century Modern Virtual Staging?

Mid-century modern refers to a design movement that originated in the mid-20th century, focusing on simplicity and integration with nature. Virtual staging in this style involves digitally placing mid-century modern furniture and decor into images of a property to enhance its appeal without physically altering the space. This technique uses sophisticated software to create realistic interiors that resonate with the style’s characteristic minimalism and retro-futuristic edge.

Key Elements of Mid-Century Modern Design

  • Sleek Lines: Furniture often features clean, streamlined silhouettes with minimal fuss.
  • Organic Shapes: Ample use of organic curves and geometric forms.
  • Functionality: Each piece is not just aesthetically pleasing but also fully functional.
  • Integration with Nature: Large windows and open spaces that blend indoor and outdoor living.

Benefits of Virtual Staging with Mid-Century Modern Style

  1. Cost-Effective: Unlike traditional staging, virtual staging requires no physical furniture, reducing logistical costs.
  2. Appeal to Aesthetics: The timeless appeal of mid-century modern design attracts a broad audience.
  3. Enhanced Visualization: Helps buyers visualize a space’s potential, particularly in empty or differently styled homes.
  4. Quick and Flexible: Changes can be made quickly and easily without the need to move heavy furniture.
  5. Increased Engagement: Listings with virtually staged photos tend to attract more views and spend less time on the market.

Why Choose Mid-Century Modern Virtual Staging?

Mid-century modern design not only complements a wide range of architectural styles but also appeals to both older and younger generations, bridging the gap between classic and contemporary tastes. This versatility makes it particularly effective for virtual staging, as it highlights a property’s best features while maintaining a neutral palette that appeals to a diverse pool of buyers. Bella is a big fan of using mid century modern in our projects.

Applications in Real Estate

Mid-century modern virtual staging can be particularly effective in several scenarios:

  • Urban Condos: Adds a touch of sophistication and modernity.
  • Vintage Homes: Enhances original architectural features without overpowering them.
  • New Constructions: Imbues blank spaces with character and warmth.

Mid-Century Modern Office Results

Office Before Virtual Staging erickson

Office Before Virtual Staging

Office After Virtual Staging Erickson

After Virtual Staging


Office Before Virtual Staging

 Office Before Virtual Staging


Office After Virtual Staging

Office After Virtual Staging 

We used virtual staging to create the perfect office in the Arthur Erickson Place building in West Vancouver. The space itself offered a splendid view of a forested mountain landscape through expansive windows. We chose mid-century modern furniture for its timeless appeal and simplicity, which aligned perfectly with the office’s design ethos and enhanced the natural connection to the surrounding landscape where the Erickson was located.

The mid century modern influenced design featured a sleek, wooden desk paired with a modern computer setup, alongside a stylish olive green chair that epitomizes mid-century aesthetics. Adjacent to the desk, a built-in mid century modern bookshelf filled with an assortment of neatly arranged books, decorative items, and potted plants that infuse the room with life and greenery.

The abundant natural light accentuates the warm wooden tones, crafting a peaceful atmosphere ideal for work or study. The overall design of the office is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, effectively realizing our client’s vision of their dream office while emphasizing a connection to nature and architectural harmony.

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